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Strictly Limited Edition: The Cabinet of Doctor Blessing (Dark Chapter Press Paperback Proof Edition)


Only 1 left in stock


From a monster, a miracle?

Kindly Doctor Blessing fights the tide of diseases which blight Victorian London. But a newborn, a deformed fusion of vampire and human, may be the key to mankind’s salvation. Doctor Blessing’s time has come. Against societal norms, against the Hippocratic oath, and against the law, Doctor George Blessing hides his discovery from view. The child, Panacea, could prove a gift for the benefit of all mankind. Among the wasted prostitutes, beleaguered constables and prying priests, Doctor Blessing finds threats at every turn. But London is a city made of secrets. Secrets written in blood. The child Panacea is growing, as is her hunger. She demands blood be spilled. And the doctor will attend to her every need.

This is the uncorrected proof, Dark Chapter Press, homemade cover edition of The Cabinet of Dr Blessing. Only 5 of these suckers were ever printed, only 3 remain in Jack’s possession, and only 2 are up for grabs. Made back in the Wild West days of indie-publishing (2014), when writers used to make their own godforsaken covers. Like this. Thankfully he later enlisted the help of an actual designer… but there’s still some charm to this ugly little spud, too. This one’s for true Jack Rollins collectors. Only 1 per customer. Jack will email you to find out if you want it signed before shipping.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in