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Dark Chapter Press: Kids (paperback)


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Last Remaining Copies, from Jack’s Personal Stash. Out of Print.

3 Variants available:

  • Standard
  • Signed by David Basnett
  • Signed by Alice J. Black and David Basnett

Note: if the variant is missing from the drop-down menu, it has sold out.

Kids. They laugh, they scream, they play. They’re innocent and harmless, cute and cuddly, the apple of their parents’ eye.


None of the above applies. Kids can be the joy of a couple’s life, but in the world of horror, they are anything but. These kids can kill, and maim; they laugh while you scream and play in the hot blood spilled from your mutilated, shuddering body. They may look cute and cuddly but, on the inside, they’re pure and absolute evil.

Kids is an anthology about the devils spawn; children who break all social protocol and scare the living hell out of you. Newborn, toddler, infant, teenager? Kids has them all. Whether they’re evil personified or bravely facing evil head on, these children will live long in the memory.

Featuring a foreword from Ryan C. Thomas, this book isn’t suitable for bedtime stories, but it will appeal to the horror readers who like their lore gory, violent, suspenseful, and darkly humorous.

Remember, they’re only children. What harm can they do?

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Available Editions

Standard, Signed by contributing author David Basnett, Signed by contributing authors Alice J. Black & David Basnett