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Tender Morsels by Jack Rollins


Welcome to the website of Jack Rollins, British writer of horror and dark fiction.

Join his Readers’ Club for author news and pick up your free eBook of his story, Tender Morsels. This horror story is exclusive to Jack’s Readers’ Club and while it stands alone, it is also a perfect jumping-on point for Jack’s series, The Victorian Vampire Chronicles. Get it free today.

To snatch up your FREE copy of Tender Morsels just click the button below.

The Victorian Vampire Chronicles

It all starts with Doctor Blessing’s Curse…

“The sheer level of creative writing transported me right into the heart of the story.”

W Stalley – Amazon Customer review

“surpassed my expectations.”

David B – Amazon Customer review

“I’ve read this book about a dozen times now, and each time I do, it grips me again, just like the first time.”

Chris, Amazon Customer Review’
Doctor Blessing's Curse

“…riveting, a great read for lovers of creepy `fireside` tales. Spine-tingling.”

R Shaw – amazon customer review

“Gripping stuff!”

Scotwriter, amazon customer review

Find out for yourself – Buy the book

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